Motori di agitazione / accoppiamenti magnetici

Stirrer drives, magnetic couplings, stirrer shaft sealing (Kopie 3)

The stirrer shaft sealing is a key component in chemical reactors. It stands for leakage free operation of the rotating stirrer shaft.

For pressure reactors, stirrer drives with magnetic couplings are used. Due to their static sealing, they can be operated at full vacuum up to very high pressures and high temperatures and for very high viscosities.

Buchi offers magnetic couplings (bmd type) or magnetic  stirrer drives (cyclone type), which already comes with integrated stirrer motor and electronic stirrer speed controller for stepless speed adjustment. Buchi magnetic couplings are available in Ex - version.

Stirrer drives for larger chemical glass reactors, operated at low pressure, can be equipped with magnetic couplings. More frequently they are equipped with stirrer drives, consisting of a motor, a speed reducer with manual speed adjustment or with a frequency converter for electric speed adjustment and measuring of the stirrer speed. These stirrer drives are designed for larger glass lined steel stirrers, running  at lower speed.. Stirrer drives for chemical reactors are explosion proofed.

A mechanical sealing shall be dry – running, not giving contamination of the chemistry by a lubricant any possibility. Stirrers are important for mixing and heat-transfer, so their dimensions are crucial.