MINTworld - Büchi AG and SYSTAG - A synergy for knowledge transfer

MINTworld in Visp is an innovation center that focuses on the development and production of active ingredients for the pharmaceutical industry. Children and young people can visit MINTworld to gain an insight into the world of science and technology in a fun way. The center offers special programs and activities that bring science and technology to life in an age-appropriate way. 

SYSTAG and Buchi have also contributed to this new educational concept. The aim of their collaboration is to give young visitors a vivid understanding of chemical and biological processes, while at the same time giving them an insight into the workings of a modern laboratory.

The system combines three different types of reactors: a classic 1-liter double-jacketed reactor typically used in research; a Bioengineering fermenter and a 30-liter Buchi reactor with distillation setup. The 30-liter Buchi reactor with distillation setup based on a Buchi midiPilot reactor is a versatile and powerful device suitable for a variety of chemical reactions and processes in research, development, and production.

The compact reactor system can easily be modified for other applications: Interchangeable stirrers, reaction vessels for different volumes and applications are available. The glass reactor is equipped with a lifting / lowering device for easy and efficient opening and cleaning.

All three reactor types are controlled from the same PC using Systag's FlexSys software. This shows how various process and scale-up steps can be automated efficiently and easily. Thanks to control via tablet and smartphone, children and young people can follow live what is happening in the reactor at any time and which steps are coming up next.